Monday 19 June 2023

Saturday 17 June 2023

Shroom Stalker - A Mörk Borg Monster

When will this end?

Who knows...

Here's some creepy, arachnophobic, anxiety
inducing bullshit.


Mörk Borg rocks!


Tuesday 13 June 2023

Shadows in the Bog - Miserable Monsters Compatible with Mörk Borg

Strange way for me to show I'm still alive
and kicking but here we are....

Mostly sporadically posting over on Instagram under the same 

Enjoy some old characters featured on here in 2015, given new life as
Mörk Borg Monsters! 8 years later no less!

Let me know what you think and what sort of misery they enact
on your unsuspecting players.