Saturday, 26 July 2014

I'm still here!...

Howdy folks,

I know it's been a long while since I've uploaded anything significant and I apologise for that. I've found myself to be fairly stretched lately with what I'm doing, be it work, relaxing with my lady, organising moving house, organising spending time with friends, trying to work on my art, trying to find time for miniature making and on top of that trying to find time to just vent my brain and sit. I've decided to work on a schedule so that I find time for the things I enjoy as well as those that are necessary and I hope you all support me in this. I've read more than enough of all fellow bloggers blogs to see that you have all come across the same challenge at one point or another so I'm sure that you understand.


*   *   *   *

 I enjoy blogging. I enjoy getting my mind down on paper/word/blogger. It really helps keep me focused by offloading my ideas, worries, thoughts, plans and mind in general. I find the idea that others can get enjoyment out of my work appealing and it definitely helps keep me motivated. It's part of the same reason that I have always loved Art. I enjoy the enjoyment people get out of looking at my work. I've always loved drawing and painting in general and this is what has lead to my current work. I've been painting murals on and off for a long time in between working at my shop. It's a tough gig to get into. It's even tougher to sustain. Mural painters aren't exactly sought after and it's no help that when you do get a job, it's normally through someone you know and then either takes forever to get paid, gets half paid or the job falls through entirely. I've done three murals in the last 3 years. I've been paid, but not nearly the amount I'd charge if the work was done on the back of my own mural painting business and not as a "Jordan job". Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every moment of it. I enjoy creating and the look on peoples faces as they watch the process. It's great to see people taking pictures of my work as it evolves and comes together. What I do not enjoy is my work being taken advantage of. Being shown around without credit or prior knowledge. This has been the case on occasion. I've had three mural jobs come up this year that have all fallen through, this mainly being a case of the "How much for a mural?" or "I hear you do murals" unwritten contract. It's funny how the moment I mention a cost price people seem to run away. People don't seem to want to pay for quality these days and it's a shame, but I'll continue to promote my Mural painting in the hope that serious clients emerge out of the woodwork.On a relative note, it's partly the reason why I think Games Workshop is getting so much heat as well actually when it comes to their models (another interest of mine as you're well aware). They've increased the quality of their sculpts and subsequently increased the cost and yet people crib and moan and bitch about it 24/7. It's a tiring thing. ANYWAY! I've just started work on planning my next Mural. It's a game mural based on the game Destiny by Bungie and will be displayed on the front window of Gamestop Patrick Street, Cork. If any of you readers frequent the city or are visiting this summer then please give a wave when you pass!


Diablo 3 Window Mural

Last of Us Window Mural

*   *   *   *

We're in the process of moving house right now. So model making will continue once we touch base and set ourselves up. I've also been asked to illustrate a book cover so that's something new and exciting! It brings challenges all of its own and is definitely a big step for me. Bring it on!

I hope you've stayed with my little brain splurge thus far and if so WELL DONE! 

Until next time, folks.