Sunday, 20 September 2015

INQ28 - Arbiter WIP Build

Two updates in one day? What madness is this?!! I finished kitbashing him tonight. Very much inspired by the work of Gentlemen Johan Egerkrans and Krautscientist. I've a fair bit to do on him yet and honestly I'm not even completely convinced about the head at the moment.
 Fluff-wise these blokes will be based on Fentis. It's a swampy wet world so perhaps I'll give them hooded heads and shoulder cloaks.

Hmmmm indeed!

*   *   *   *


"In times of Myth he held the stair,
Down which the godly went.
Alas, upon his heads he did bring forth,
The wrath of heavens sent."

*   *   *   *

I love TKMaxx. Halloween in TKMaxx is a hobbyist and weirdos dream. I can't count on two hands and feet how many times I've seen something awesome there that's inspired a new drawing or model to make. This time around however it's this amazing skull set. This cost me €9.99 and will be used to create a piece of terrain for my Ashen Stair setting. I haven't completely decided yet what to make of it but the above Rhyme is something I threw together to give some direction. As of yet it could turn out to be a tower or I may chop it apart to use as separate modular pieces. Who knows!

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hobby by Lamplight - My Workspace

Howdy folks, 

Bit of a late night post to show where it is I convert my mini's. It hasn't seen a lot of painting action in the past while because of time constraints but every now and again I get my sculpt on and throw a bit of greenstuff about. It's due a tidy and will be getting one pretty soon.

Thanks for having a gander!

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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Off with their heads!

"Down the Ashen Stairway,
'Cross the Sour Glen.
We daren't go a wander,
For fear of the Headsmen."

-Ancient Norscan Rhyme

*   *   *   *
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