Saturday, 29 November 2014

Sketch - The Bogwhistler

The Bogwhistler

"Although believed by many to be another being entirely, this creature is in fact a Bogleaper. Here it is pictured playing upon a macabre flute, whittled from the femur of some large animal. Travellers have spoken of a strange music heard across the bogs during misty mornings, though if they play for pleasure or for a more sinister purpose none can say."




Saturday, 22 November 2014

Sketch - The Bogleaper

No model to show this time but here's a new drawing I just finished. Happy with him, but oh my GOD HANDS!

"The Bogleaper, 

This macabre looking fellow and his ilk haunt the boglands and swamps that dot the countryside. Ever watchful they have been known to shadow the unwary travellers that oft find themselves wandering through their foetid kingdom. They wait for unfortunates to fall prey to the dangers of the bogs so they may dine on their choicest parts. The bog preserving their meal for decades to come."

*   *   *   *