Thursday, 12 March 2015

INQ28 - Henchman Build Finished

So here we are, an update before a paint job....I know I'm terrible. But I just couldn't not show him off one more time just before I spray him. You've probably noticed the differences since last update but if you haven't I'll outline. I've finished with the leg brace, definitely one of the most finicky bits of modelling I've ever done. The hinge mechanisms were made from rolled GS, dried and cut to size. They're a little different in size, but I imagine that that might be due to repeated hasty repair by the owner himself over time and a lack of appropriately sized parts. His bionic eye was also super tiny and was made the same way. I used LGS afterwards to fill seals between the greenstuff and smoothed it down, this also helped to provide some nice texture, but not too much. Around his neck has been sculpted a sheepskin collar like that of an old pilot jacket. Where he's going he'll need it.

So he's done now and ready for an undercoat! Unfortunately my 2 week holiday is finished and I'm heading back to the front to deal with the beautiful public....../cough, this means that he'll have to wait until Sunday for a undercoat but will sit proudly on my desk until then. Once again, I really appreciate the feedback and please keep it coming.

Until next time, beware of Old Dark and travel safely.


*   *   *   *