Monday, 20 June 2016

Twist Elder PIP 2 - Shadey Business

Some more work on my Elder Twist. Skin color down and started on the staff. I've gone for a black shaft with a nicely polished skull on top. This has all been achieved through washes and I'm very much experimenting. If you have any feedback, please leave a comment below.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Twist Elder PIP or How I Learned to Love the Shades

So I've managed to get some paint down. It's been a long time since I've put a brush to a model, the last time being my Inquisitorial Henchman, the smuggler turned Inquisition Pilot, Henrik Frey.

This guy so far has had a Chaos Black undercoat followed by a Corax White zenithal highlight. Once dry (and about 3 months later...if I'm generous) he's been given 2 washes of Athonian Camoshade over the shawl and after two thinned coats of Rakarth Flesh, the robe was washed with Agrax Earthshade 3 times. That's it so far. I will be following this up with several further washes to make him look suitably filthy as only a twist should.

The paint scheme is inspired by druidic colours and I'm really looking forward to getting him finished.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Alpha meet Beta

Two is always better than one. Really feeling this project and I have until 19th July to finish it. Manageable? I think so.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Inq28 - Twist Elder Undercoated

So after 5 months of sitting on my shelf I decided it was about time to undercoat my Leder Twist.

Black with a Zenithal coat of Corax White. It's a very Grey White, so I'll probably go over it with another light coat of Skull White spray.

I'm going to get on spraying the rest of his clan now and maybe see about getting a lick of paint on them soon. I haven't forgotten about the Beast though, just waiting on some parts to arrive so I can continue.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Fur-ocious Sculpting

Just back from Germania and straight into some sculpting. Should be ready for a slap of paint in the next two days.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


So there hasn't been an update lately due to my little holiday with the family. Myself, my girlfriend and der Kleine Drachen have abscond to Germany for a week. I'll be back soon and will be showing you my progress on the Beast and his pack.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Give The Beast a Hand!

So The Beast of Morrsbachs hand arrived today. He's about 70% finished in this photo. Sculpting and base work to come next before a spray and finally a paint job! He'll be reaping a hefty toll in no time!

*   *   *   *

Friday, 18 March 2016

The Ashen Stair - Sigmars Death / My First AoS Game!

Hodrin Felhammer looked out over the plain. The wind blew great clouds of ash into the sky, making it near impossible to see. There below the hill they now crested he could just about make out the ruins of some long dead settlement, what walls remained turned grey from an age of weathering this harsh environment. This ruin, nestled in the foothills of the Ashen Stair, was like any other that dotted the region save for the ancient tower that stood looming at its edge. It is said this tower is what brought the town to its end. Felhammer didn't doubt it. It was a ghastly thing that although abandoned constantly emanated dark energy and as such screamed out as a beacon to all sorts of foul beast that roamed the land. Such beasts now awaited them, lurking within the pale copse that stood at the foot of the tower. He could smell them and they knew it.
 Felhammer looked to his brothers, small in number as they were, each one was capable of holding their own against such filth and more. They had been tested. More than tested. Who were these foul things to stop them from returning to mighty Sigmaron. Who were these. With a snarl he slammed his hammer against the edge of his shield. The Sigmarite sent out a loud note across the gap between hill and copse, which rang out for several moments before silence once again descended on the scene. As he turned to his men a monstrous braying sounded from amid the trees, answered moments later by several larger roars to the east of the tower itself. It chose that moment to start raining. "Let us begin".

As one the Liberators moved forward, coming to a stop in perfect formation at Felhammers right. They slammed their hammers against the edge of their shields once, as he had done and again the sound echoed out to meet the creatures that opposed them. The Liberators were like black mountains, their silhouettes unwavering and their power absolute. They wore the abyss about them and their shoulders heaved, not with exertion but with white hot fury. The heavy furs they wore across their pauldrons rustled like great manes and the bones that hung on their armour chattered and clicked in the wind. They were as death cometh. Sigmars death.
 Behind them upon the hill stood the Judicators, each similar to the Liberators but for the cloaks they wore and the cowls that hid their faces in place of the Liberators death masks. They carried heavy skybolt bows and boltstorm crossbows which they now readied.. Each loosed arrow and bolt guaranteed oblivion to the Beastmen that blocked their path. For Beastmen they were.
 The shapes stalked out from between the trees, anthropomorphic creatures wrapped in rags and wielding huge wicked blades. They carried a large ugly banner marked with the symbol of the god of pestilence and decay, Nurgal. The bearer of this banner drove it into the ground before emitting a bray that was carried by those around him. They slammed their weapons into the nearby trees and earth. Butting heads and thumping fists into chests. They're blood was up and retreat was not an option.
 Felhammer observed a slightly smaller creature to their left, clad in pale robes and wielding what appeared to be a staff covered in bones. He deduced that this must be their leader or shaman. He was certain of this when after a moment of waving its staff the air around the creature took on a ghastly hue which seemed to envelope the pestilent Beastmen under its command. The Beastmen surged forward.

"Shields!" roared Felhammer, as with inhuman speed the Foe reached the Liberators line. The Liberators had just enough time to raise their shield-wall before the frenzied Beastmen crashed upon them. Hacking and slicing at the warriors, they managed to bring one brother down before in turn losing two of their foul number to the swings of hammers. "Only the Faithful!", roared Felhammer as he smashed his shield into a beasts muzzle, sending him falling backwards and leaving just enough of an opening to bring his hammer down and crush the creatures skull. "Only the Faithful", answered his brothers-in-arms. Another Liberator fell beneath the blades of the frenzied Beastmen, several more creatures dying in return. This fight was taking a dark turn. These creatures were not as they first seemed.
 The fighting churned on and on, Felhammer and his brothers blocking and striking, blocking and striking. For every Beastmen they killed however, three more would stand in its place. Suddenly, a horn blast emitted from behind the beastmen and they doubled their already substantial ferocity. Felhammer swung about him with his hammer, knocking Beastmen sprawling and spraying sharpened teeth, broken bones and foul blood in every direction. The rain continued to come down and the ground became a quagmire of blood and wet ash. Before he realised it he stood alone. Beastmen lay dead and dying all around him, as did his brothers. His Liberators had been slain, brothers he had fought with for his entire reforged existance, dead. He could barely believe such a thing. Across the now churned earth he saw the Shaman step out of the forest, it rattled its staff again and a chariot pulled by strange horned quadruped creatures came roaring towards him. Felhammer turned to order his Judicator brethren to fire when an enormous force hit him square in the back and sent him several metres backwards. His entire body screamed in agony before he finally hit the ground and blacked out.

Between dreams of sweet oblivion and golden sunrises Felhammer caught glimpses of the continued battle that followed. His Judicators firing at the oncoming chariot. A trio of enormous Bullheaded creatures emerging from the shadows of the ruin. The swooping charge of the Prosecutors, like angels of vengeance made manifest. Yet more brothers fallen to the foulness of chaos blades. Broken wings and shattered bows. The braying face of that accursed Shaman and finally, once again, oblivion.


If you've made it this far, I hope you enjoyed my little narrative battle report for my first ever game of Age of Sigmar. I will be writing more and they will be tying into the setting of the Ashen Stair. This is not the last you've seen of Hodrin Felhammer and his brethren. Until next time, beware Old Night and safe travels.

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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Suffer not the distraction to live! - Deathwatch Overkill

Firstly. I am not going to be doing anything with this boxset until I've continued with my current projects and I get at least my INQ28 miniatures painted and my Ashen Stair project under way. I have promised myself this and by the HIVE MIND IT SHALL HAPPEN!! *cough*

Now. It's a wonderful boxset, with some of the most amazing plastics I've ever seen GW produce. The Genestealer Cultists models will be used for the board game, my INQ28 games, my Genestealer Cult 'Munda gang and for my 40k Tyranids. So much value for money! I will also be holding on to the Space Marines as I have never painted a Marine and it will prove a nice exercise.

I can see a lot of conversion potential with both sets of plastics. The Genestealer lending themselves nicely to some Voiddweller concepts due to the ribbed design of their outfits and the Abberants could be used to convert either heavy Twists or scalies with very little effort, to name but two possibilities.

The Deathwatch themselves are a nice easy kit that I'm sure plenty of players are going to cut apart and use for truescaling or to add a bit of character to their existing armies. I'll be keeping them whole methinks. In fact, I'll be keeping the entire boxset whole. Conversions will only happen should I manage to find the Genestealer half of the box on the cheap somewhere.

I will also be using the board sections provided in upcoming INQ28 games as it is highly detailed and nicely produced.

One last thing. I did get a nice text free print of the box art for preordering. It will be finding a frame above my hobby desk soon as I am a big fan of Raymond Swanland.

Until next time folks, enjoy and beware of Old Night.

*   *   *   *

Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Converters Curse / Ulfsark

Okay so I've tried to keep my posts relatively organised this year but I just can't seem to beat the inspired bug. I've been trying to post a WIP and then bring myself to finish that WIP before posting get ANOTHER WIP! It's tougher than it looks! Particularly when you're such a manic converter like myself. I can't seem to go a week without being inspired to build ANOTHER model and leave an array of unpainted miniatures on my desk. It's not a case of lack of discipline I think, I just make the most of the time I have to get all my ideas down on plastic so to speak. There's always time to paint t later right?

Enough of my waffling I hear you cry! Here is the latest of my conversion work. The Beast of Morrsbach. Work in Progress. Man or Monster?

*   *   *   *

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Inq28 - Textured Twists

So I've got the finger out after a little event cancellation blues and put some texture on the bases of my Twist Elder and his loyal followers. I'm thinking about adding a big 'un to this group but will have to have a look what's available. Thinking about maybe going the old reliable Chaos Shrine carrying Ogre conversion route. We'll see though.

*   *   *   *

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

AoS - Lightning among Stars

It's not INQ28, but heres a little sketch I put together for a project this year. Once I'm done painting my current workload the aim is to move back into fantasy for a little while. This will be the beginning of that. A lightning powered vessel, created to bring Sigmars wrath to those not of land. It's early days yet, but I'm very excited about this concept.

*   *   *   *

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

INQ28 - From the Warp, they stab at thee!

So while the Herald sits and cures, awaiting his undercoat with barely contained inanimate glee, I decided to stick together this unwholesome looking triad. What strange entities might they be?

*   *   *   *

Monday, 18 January 2016

INQ28 - The Herald of House Varus WIP

Howdy folks. It's been a bit but I've been frantically working on models for the upcoming INQ28 event at Warpcon. The above fellow being the current creation under my lamp light. He's all but ready for priming and I recogn there's one more evening of tinkering left in him before I can be happy to call slap some paint on. You'll learn more about him when he's got a lick of colour.

This event that I spoke of, well, you see it's really a way to gauge the interest in INQ28 here in Ireland. So far I've managed to reach out and communicate with a total of ten other players who I will hopefully meet over the next year, all of which have either played before or have been collecting and converting miniatures with the hope to play in the future. Exciting times!

The events page went live at the beginning of the month and was I happy to see the event I'm planning displayed in all its glory. This is the beginning of something big. I can feel it in the ether.

Watch this space.

If you want to know more about the upcoming event, then please follow the link below. Until next time folks, travel safe and beware Old Night.

*   *   *   *