Tuesday, 26 May 2015

INQ28 - Henchman Painting continues!

Morning folks! Here's a late night/early morning update on the painting of my Inquisitorial Henchman. I think I have to work on better lighting for my photos as everything looks incredibly washed out in these photos. There's a lot more variance in tone throughout the model. At the moment I'm using the led lamp that I use for painting. I may need to invest in another light source. Daylight would be so lovely, but alas work means I have very little time to paint during the day and I am also a bit of a night owl when it comes to productivity.

I think he's basically done, and I'm in two minds weither I should push the highlights more. Most things have either just recieved a wash or have been highlighted once. As the model was based with a Zenital Undercoat, this means that a lot of the highlights are actually from the white showing through the thinned layers of paint. If you'd like to see more of him or have any suggestions please do leave a comment below. Advice is very welcome!

Until next time folks, stay safe and beware of Old Night!


*   *   *   *

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Bi-Weekly Treat!

A little treat for myself. With the baby coming soon I'll be keeping hobby purchases tight. I was told by a friend that my local model shop got in some weathering powders, so today whilst on lunch I thought I would take a gander. I'm not sure how they perform so if any of you fine readers have experience with this Humbrol Weathering Powder do let me know what you make of them. I imagine I'll be making a few test models to try them out before using them on any of my current projects.

I also picked up the most recent edition of White Dwarf and so far am very pleased. I'll not spoil any of the internal articles but I'm sure from the cover you can see it's quite a treat! I can't wait to see what people come up with!

Until next time folks, stay safe and beware of Old Night.


*   *   *   *

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Witcher Window Mural Completed!

I just realised I forgot to share the finished mural! I finished this at the beginning of May. So very happy with it and it's my favourite so far. It's also taken me the least time to complete regardless of it being the most technical piece I've ever done!

I'd really like to hear your critique and thank you for looking!

*   *   *   *