Sunday, 16 March 2014

The skin we live in!

Hi guys, first and foremost!:


I've been rather busy of late working on my sis' and a friends Tattoo concepts. I'm always sure to explain that anything I give a person for such a thing is a concept, not because I'm unhappy with my work but because I am not a tattoo artist and it is their job to apply the image to your skin. I'm flattered that someone would feel enough trust in my work and enjoy it enough to want to get a tattoo designed by me (even if I don't know why myself) so I'll just stop talking and show them here:

The Lonely Little Robin
This design is a tribute to my late Nana (Grandmother to those who don't know the lingo) Rose Kelly. Possibly the most wonderful woman to grace the face of the earth. Incredibly generous and only stern when the occassion demanded it. Herself, my Mam and my Aunt (second Mum :P) used to sing a song to myself and my lil' sis when we were young called "The Lonely Little Robin" (I'll provide a link below for you to have a listen), hence the robin. Whilst the stylised Rose around the robins head is obviously reminiscent of her first name. The Nouveau style seemed an obvious choice as it's favoured by my sis and in my eyes compliments the image rather nicely. So there you go. I just hope my sis brings it to a descent tattoo artist so they can make it beautiful....

Song Link:

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Zerg Concept

The second of my tattoo concepts, this one is reminiscent of the Zerg symbol from the Blizzard game series "Starcraft". I was asked to do what I could with it, so I did. I Zergified the symbol. The friend it is for seems rather happy. When I started I wasn't quite sure what to do, but after a chat and a browse through the Starcraft Art books I found that as long as it has teeth, spikes, slime and is creepy it holds up as a Zerg. Who'd o' thunk it!

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That's all for now folks! I hope you enjoy the post and if you're interested in more of my artwork, please take a gander at my facebook page. I'm a big fan of Mural painting and may put some of my previous pieces up here in the future.

As for the Witch progress, she's coming along gruesomely and I'll have pictures up soon!

Goodnight! o7

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  1. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
    Nice tattoo designs, especially the first one with the robin. :)
    I'm really eager to see an update on the Witch.