Sunday, 27 December 2015

INQ28 - Setting the Foundations

Evening folks. Last post I showed you the board myself and my friend, Gaz started on. Well Christmas has come and gone and left me with a voucher for GW, which I promptly spent on this little beauty below.

The Imperial Sector Terrain Boxset. It came to a nice little sum and I've already jumped headfirst into making some terrain for the INQ28 event next month here in Cork. The buildings will be mostly whole, which will leave me with quite a bit of pieces to represent ruined walls at a later point and for a later project. 

These buildings will be split in half and will allow for the roofs to be removed for interior drama.

Now I'm going to get back to making more buildings. Hope you've enjoyed this little look into my current work. I hope you had a happy Candlemass and will have a productive New Cycle.

*   *   *   *


  1. Just seen this pop up on the Inq28/Inquisimunda group on Facebook. really looking forward to watching the progress on the board/terrain.

    I managed to squirrel away some of these 40k terrain kits, I really want to make a start on my own terrain collection, it's in dire need of an update.

    1. Hi Stygian! Been a while since you've paid me a commenting visit. I hope all is well!

      Aye, it's a he'll of a kit. Really enjoying mixing and matching. The board will be a modular one so you'll actually get to see lots of pictures of the finished product in various settings! Excitement! Still a few things I have to try and get my hands on though. Bulkheads. Confounded bulkheads.

    2. How many bulkheads do you need?

      I could probably sort you out a handful from my stash. It might not be many, but enough to get you going.

    3. Well! That's incredibly generous of you! I'd actually take as many as you'd be happy to part with. I'm looking to use them to build a portion of the processing plant in an upcoming INQ28 campaign I've planned.

    4. I popped down to the cellar and had a look through my stash of bulkheads.
      Of the 4 variants I only have a few of the solid wall, marginally more of the door and gothic arch.
      But I have a fair few of the open crossbar variant, would they be of use?

    5. Very much so, Mr. Stygian! If you could spare a door I'd be forever in your debt also. Are you looking for any parts yourself, that I could help with?

    6. Shall I drop you a line on Facebook and sort out the details?