Saturday, 5 March 2016

Suffer not the distraction to live! - Deathwatch Overkill

Firstly. I am not going to be doing anything with this boxset until I've continued with my current projects and I get at least my INQ28 miniatures painted and my Ashen Stair project under way. I have promised myself this and by the HIVE MIND IT SHALL HAPPEN!! *cough*

Now. It's a wonderful boxset, with some of the most amazing plastics I've ever seen GW produce. The Genestealer Cultists models will be used for the board game, my INQ28 games, my Genestealer Cult 'Munda gang and for my 40k Tyranids. So much value for money! I will also be holding on to the Space Marines as I have never painted a Marine and it will prove a nice exercise.

I can see a lot of conversion potential with both sets of plastics. The Genestealer lending themselves nicely to some Voiddweller concepts due to the ribbed design of their outfits and the Abberants could be used to convert either heavy Twists or scalies with very little effort, to name but two possibilities.

The Deathwatch themselves are a nice easy kit that I'm sure plenty of players are going to cut apart and use for truescaling or to add a bit of character to their existing armies. I'll be keeping them whole methinks. In fact, I'll be keeping the entire boxset whole. Conversions will only happen should I manage to find the Genestealer half of the box on the cheap somewhere.

I will also be using the board sections provided in upcoming INQ28 games as it is highly detailed and nicely produced.

One last thing. I did get a nice text free print of the box art for preordering. It will be finding a frame above my hobby desk soon as I am a big fan of Raymond Swanland.

Until next time folks, enjoy and beware of Old Night.

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