Tuesday, 22 August 2017

INQ28 - House Tymphano and those therein

WIP Servitor 001

WIP Servitor 002

WIP Servitors 003, 002, 001

WIP Servitor 003

WIP Servitor 004

WIP Forge Mekstro Seung, accompanied by Tymphano Yeomen & Personal Servitors


PIP Forge Mekstro Seung

Lord Edvar Tymphano of Imperial Knight Household Tymphano,
accompanied by Household Yeomen

PIP Servitors 004, 001, PRIME, 003, 002

PIP Lord Edvar Tymphano,
accompanied by Household Yeomen

Those who dwell in House Tymphano.


  1. Nice looking warband, really liking the more cadaverous servitors.

    Is Lord Tymphano the Forgeworld limited Knight Pilot?

    And nice to see an update on the blog. I've really got to get on and finish some of my projects and get some content up on mine again.

    1. Thanks, Styg!

      He is indeed! I've lopped his arm off, replaced it with a Skitarri modified weapon arm and given him a shave...
      Some would call it blasphemy, but now he's doubly unique!

      Happy to be getting updates in, I haven't had the energy or drive to post on the blog in some time! Hopefully this streak continues! I'm quite proud that these are now a part of my blog as they are my SECOND finished addition to the space.

  2. Love the servitors. Where are the heads from?