Monday, 7 April 2014

Project Morrslieb - New Moon - A Bit MORE Skirt!

Good evenink, folks!

It's been a little while I'm afraid and I don't have much to show for it. I've been very busy with work and have managed to have little time where I have felt like sculpting. HOWEVER! Here is what I've managed thus far!

I'm pretty happy with my sculpting. Having never done anything remotely close to this scale before ( a few filled in necks and some arm joins here and there being as far as my greenstuffing indevours had gone in the past) there are of course a lot of things I need improving on. There are a lot of folds, some might say too many but I'm going for a very rotten and matted look with the material. Here's what it looks like so far.

An apronesque attachment will be sculpted on the front, just below the belly. I had thought the unrolled scroll from the Empire Flagellants box would make a nice addition to the front, but after trial running, it looked out of place. The tail of the skirt will trail along the ground behind her, one side further back than the other to help with the suggestion of movement. I also plan on chopping off that bit of right foot you see to sculpt some squiggy toes. YUM!

I'm truely looking forward to hearing what you think and I greatly appreciate the time you have taken to view my work!

Sleep well and beware Old Night! ;)



  1. I still like where this is going.
    Do you perhaps already have an idea for the background story of this witch character?

    1. I do indeed! But I won't reveal it here just yet! In due course I promise. She's not alone and that's all I'll tell for now! ;)