Monday, 21 April 2014

The Liebster Award + Bonus sketch!

So I've been nominated by Ana over at the wonderful Gardens of Hecate Blog to take part in the Liebster Award. This is designed so that those bloggers with 200 or less followers can find an easy means to view one another and keep in contact. I've discovered it to be a great way of helping to get our work around as well as answer a few questions about one another. I've already had a gander and followed those bloggers that Ana has nominated alongside myself! Wonderful and inspiring stuff all!

Now to get down to it, the nominee's task is to give 11 truths about themselves, answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated them, make 11 questions of their own whilst nominating another 11 blogs to spread the love (eeeewwwww!). Thereby discovering new interesting blogs and having a bit of a larf. You might just discover some things about yourself along the way!

The Eleven Truths!

1. I love the colour green (Who'd of thunk it! *Points at Blog*)
2. I have more gentleman-crushes than lady-crushes. (I think my girlfriend finds this equally worrying and interesting!)
3. I love to read, but do not read as much as I'd love to.
4. I procrastinate far too much.
5. I can't stand the thought of a world without trees.
6. I worry far too much about everything.
7. I am terrible at speaking my mind (Althought I think I am getting better at this. Might have something to do with my girlfriend).
8. I love coming up with new worlds and characters to inhabit them!
9. I love having....THINGS!
10. The first album I bought was Nickelback's Silver side Up *Hides face in shame*
11. I would love to make my living painting Wall and Window Murals. I have never been happier than when doing this.

The Eleven Answers!

Q1: What was the last book you've read?
A1: Gotrek and Felix: Road of Skulls by Josh Reynolds. I just can't read enough stories involving these two. William King is missed however.
Q2: If you could spend a day with any person out of all of human history, who would it be and why?
A2: Quite oddly, this question brings to mind the TV show "Quantum Leap". I'd pick Director Ed Wood. I mean, at least you'd never be bored!
Q3: Would you rather burn everything you own, or keep everything you own but never gain anything for the rest of your life?
A3: Wow Ana! You're a heavy hitter! I think I'd rather burn everything I own. I don't actually own that much and anything I do can be easily replaced. I wouldn't like to remain itemless for the rest of my life. Having things is important to me. I'm a self confessed materialist.
Q4: Does the idea of humans technologically augmenting themselves worry you?
A4: Not at all! I can't wait until some eejit hipster grafts a toaster to his head!
Q5: Would you rather be able to read minds, or be able to become invisible at will?
A5: Who says I can't already do both! Mwahahahaha! *cough* minds.
Q6: Would you rather be able to turn into an insect at will, or into a vicious beast uncontrollably?
A6: Definitely Insect. There isn't a person alive that hasn't wanted to be that fly on the wall!...okay, maybe if that spider on the wall isn't present also.
Q7: Would you rather have a flesh-eating virus, or have no skin?
A7: I've had one and seen more than enough of the other to compare. I'll take the virus, please! o/
Q8: What would you do if you came home one day to find everything and everyone in your house/flat was replaced by an exact copy?
A8: Start reading R.L. Stine and P.K. Dick books simultaneously to figure out what the fuck was going on!
Q9: Would you rather be roasted alive, or live forever inside a coffer?
A9: Hmm, decisions decisions! I think I'd rather be roasted alive. Living inside a coffer isn't living. Unless of course you're this guy and you ARE the coffer!:

Q10: Would you rather eat fifty pounds of pig fat, or jump into a pool of acid?
A10: I'm starting to think that Ana may not be a fan of hugs. Anyway, I recogn I'd go with the pig fat, I'm rather attached to my body parts and I'd like to keep them thank you very much!
Q11: What's in the box?!
A11: What ISN'T in the box!? Definitely not your wifes head...Nope!

The Eleven Blogs!

The Eleven Questions!

Q1: What is your favourite food?
Q2: What was the first model you painted?
Q3: How did you get into your miniatures hobby?
Q4: What is your favourite book?
Q5: If you could choose any fantasy/sci-fi race to be, what would it be?
Q6: Do you have any other interesting hobbies besides collecting miniatures?
Q7: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Q8: If you could pick ONE model to paint/convert/have, what would it be?
Q9: What's your most prized possession?
Q10: If you were to travel to the Chaos Wastes/The Warp, what one item would you bring with you?
Q11: Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?


I hope you enjoyed this little *cough* detour and if you've stuck with me this far then congratulations! You are the lucky winner of this weeks prize! My gratitude and a picture of my most recent sketch, this ones been sitting in the back of my head for some time. Enjoy!

P.S. Apologies for the shitty pic, my tablet won't let me crop how I want to crop!


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  1. Thank you very much. I shall definitely be replying next week!

    I'm also a little bemused that the link works as well as - not sure why that is! Surely Google know the difference, right? :)

    1. Glad to hear it! I also wouldn't bet on it regarding the .ie and query. But I find it odd that even though I copy/paste it from the actual nav bar it came out that way. Huh. Tad weird but oh well!

  2. Ha, another Liebster award nomination!?!

    Thank you very much, I'm not sure i'm supposed to do another... But there are so many variants of the thing doing the rounds now.

    What the heck, I'll do it anyway, it's a bit of a laugh. And I'll be able to list some of the other blogs I had to leave out in my final cut from the last one.

    I'm loving the look of your blog and the creative works you've posted so far. I'm looking forward to seeing it grow further :)