Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Project Morrslieb: Elfs abroad...

Good evening folks!

It's been a while, but I've some content finally! We've just moved house and it's been proving difficult to get the rooms into a state where myself and my girlfriend feel comfortable enough to continue hobbying. You just can't have enough storage! ANYWHO! Here are some raw, white metal models that I plan on converting for Project Morrslieb.

Aenur, The Sword of Twilight. I plan on subtley converting this fellow to represent one of Project Morrslieb's Dramatis Personae. A young, vain and stubborn noble, he hides his fine armour beneath his long flowing cloak. For such vestments are uncommon in the forgotten corners of the Imperial lands. Elfs are things of mystery and myth to many and he would keep it that way.
His people ruled the world long before the barbarian humans
and will rule again when they're kingdoms fall to dust.

Elf Mage. The brother of our previous noble. Raised to harness the powers of High magic and unlike his brother, broader of mind and a seeker of knowledge and mysteries unsolved. The diplomat in this duo, he strives to keep his brother from harms way, be it delivered by sword or tongue.

For those of you worried about my witches, fear not! For they are not forgotten, mearly set aside until all of my sculpting tools and equipment are together and in order. I have been scouring the interweb for the appropriate models to represent Project Morrsliebs respective cast and have been having a jolly good time of it too.

I look forward to hearing what you think of it as it unfolds.

As always, beware Old Night and travel safe!


*   *   *   *


  1. You lucky sod, those are two of my favourite elf models. ;p
    I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    1. Mine as well, I think they work well together actually. They have that well travelled look. Particularly the mage. I'm not sure if I'll convert them at all. I'm a little wary about my painting as it's been a while and lately I've been influenced by so many innovative model painters out there. But we'll give it a bash! :D Thanks for dropping by!