Friday, 3 October 2014

Of Madmen and Monsters...

Good evening folks,

I've realised there hasn't been much paint up here in...well....ever, but I just can't seem to bring myself to get it done. In an aim to generate enthusiasm myself and a group of like minded individuals have come together and formed a gaming group with the intention of completing various projects that we have set ourselves. The first of which takes the form of an entire army. This army will be completed over the course of an entire year, the building of which supported by our involvement in an escalation campaign! WHOOP! So painting AND gaming! An added bonus.
 The campaign year will be broken down into 6 phases with each phase lasting 2 months. In each phase there will be an increase of 250 points starting in phase one with 500 points of models per side. In this way those using this campaign as an opportunity to collect a new army or learn the new rules can become accustomed to how their force performs over a long period of time and through different point brackets as well as grasping the rules in nice little bite-size chunks. It is at this point that I should explain that during each phase the generals are not allowed to change their army list and that it is reserved for the time between the phases where total manipulation of the lists can be made. In this way we hope to restrict what I have come to know as "beardy" lists. I wouldn't be surprised if we still have them somehow though. /sigh

For this campaign I shall be collecting Tyranids. A project I started well over 3 years ago but was pushed back into the depths of my wardrobe. You shall see their progression as time goes on but for now, here's a pict image that was recovered from an data file floating through the void.

*   *   *   *

Another project on the cards is the revival of our long slumbering Necromunda Campaign. I'll be pulling the Ordo Sanguine Salus from retirement and giving them a nice paint job for this little event. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tad excited about this one. Genestealer Cultists are great fun to convert, play with and hopefully paint....even if your Magus gets knocked the f&%k out in the second turn of the game.....stupid smelly scavvies....

*   *   *   *

My third project is a splinter project of the escalation campaign spoken of previously and involves my first steps into the amazingly diverse world of INQ28. I have been interested in this for a very log time and it actually sparked the idea for my Advanced Mordheim project, Project Morrslieb (more of that later). Below are just a couple of the WIPs of the various characters you will see as this story progresses.

After that surprisingly huge update I shall bid thee goodnight, I'm looking forward to hearing what you make of my work so far and as I progress down these various hobby roads. You never know, there may even be some paint on the horizon.

As always, safe travels and beware of Old Night


*   *   *   *

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