Monday, 31 August 2015

Sketch Eternal

I haven't put pencil to paper since before my son was born. It's a shame really because I really love drawing. I just haven't felt the urge or pull. That changed tonight whilst watching Xena: Warrior Princess with my lady and the little man. It's not much. But it's the best I could do with dim light, no reference and a blunt pencil.

I've been working on a Stormcast Eternal miniature conversion for the last while. Gathering the appropriate parts has been painstaking. I've been helped along the way by bits drops from friends.

This character is a mystery even to me. I've this idea of a bulwark of a man. The last of his kind. Standing sentinel over a sundered mountain pass. The ground caked with the ashes of the fallen. Thousands upon thousands of bones half buried beneath grey-black mounds. He bears the relics of those who gave their lives before him. A fallen brother fastened to his shield should they both return home. In this place Sigmars light is but a dim flicker. There is no return for those lost. 

*   *   *   *

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