Thursday, 13 February 2014

Lets have a go! An Introduction...

Welcome to Pencils and Plastics! My name is Jordan Lee aka. Drazuul and I am hear to fill your faceholes will all the goodies!...or at least all of my ramblings and ravings both artistically and non. I have been playing tabletop wargames, drawing and painting on and off for a very long time and it is only now I have descided to collect all of my musings into one nice little virtual place for my own sanity and the potentially crippling critique of others! I hope you enjoy what you see over the coming months and that you leave any suggestions you may have in the comments below!

Just a taster of what's to come! Not affiliated with any tabletop game, but some of my own work that I've been chipping away at for the past little while. (This fellow has been nibbling away at the back of my brain for some time....pesky concepts!)

Have a good evening, folks and beware of the Old Night!


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