Sunday, 23 February 2014

Project Morrslieb - New Moon

 So this evening I spent my time enjoying some hobbying with my lady. It's been so long since we've both just sat down together and painted/glued/converted models that I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it! It's a great feeling when your significant other and yourself both enjoy something equally and I whole-heartedly suggest that you go out of your way to share a hobby so you can understand what I'm getting at!
 Currently my girlfriend is working on painting a plastic Imperial Gryphon that I gave to her as a present last Christmas, it has been put away in storage, assembled and undercoated white for quite some time, but a recent surge in hobby enthusiasm (which I like to think I had a small part in) has brought it back out to get a fresh lick of paint. Hopefully I'll be able to show you her progress at some point, if I can pry it away to take some photos that is. /cough

 Enough of my couply woupliness you say! What have I been up to I hear you holler!...well, I have been working on a little project with a friend of mine back home in the cold pot-holey North (County Cavan). This project has been sparked by the surge in activity involving INQ28 and its ilk. I LOVE IT! ALL OF IT! Amazingly converted models bringing the Specialist Game Inquisitor to life in 28mm scale, hence the name, are being produced by a talented group of hobbyists that I have been following on Blogger/DakkaDakka forums and Wordpress. Even John Blanche has had a hand in realising some of his very own concept work.
 These pieces can be viewed on my Blogroll to the right and have been a well of inspiration to me for the last few months. The project in question aims to bring the same variety and depth to Warhammer Fantasy Old World as these gentle sirs bring to the dark corners of the 40k universe through the medium of 28mm.

 I will explain more as the project progresses, but we now find ourselves in the New Moon cycle of what we have dubbed, Project Morrslieb. What follows is the beginnings of a converted piece to be used in such games. Enjoy and watch for Old Night.



  1. This looks very promising! I'll follow your progress with interest.

    Do you intend to convert that Nurgle Lord all the way like that obese witch in the Witcher 3 concept art piece? Because that would be just awesome. All three of those witches are great, but this one is the most disturbing, with the leashed child and all.

    1. That may be my plan! ;) Thought I'd throw that pic into the shot as a little teaser! Amazing concept work for the game and it's definitely an inspiration for the direction Project Morrslieb is going to take. Thanks for the follow and glad to you have you on board! :)