Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Saggy Sculpting!

Good evening, folks! Tragedy has struck! Whilst slicing, sculpting and splicing my witch together last night I managed to open my finger, so I'll not be sculpting for a couple of days. It aches I tell you! But I have made my sacrifice to the gods of plastic and I will continue with avengeance once the rawness subsides.

Here's a little pic of my boobage sculpt! Suitably gross would you think? I'm quite happy with it myself being quite honest.

As you can see she is well endowed, but we are going for the "Eeeeewwww!" factor and will not be following my managers "She's a witch! Hot and Easy is the way to go" view point....maybe at a later date. ;)

More soon!


  1. Ouch. Well, slicing your own fingers is just another part of the converting process. Miniatures can be bloodthirsty sometimes... I still have a long scar on my right thumb from attempting to cut through a plastic Ogre's bum a couple of years ago. ; )

    Anyway, nice progress on the witch.

    1. Ogres bums, tough auld things ;) Thanks for the support! I'll show the finished piece next methinks. But we'll see how it goes.