Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Price of Devotion Part 2

It was devotion that had now brought Witch Hunter Klaus Richter to this rats nest. It was here he hoped to finally catch and exterminate the pest that for so long had eluded him. The Witch Hunter slowly walked his horse towards the shelter of the inn's stables, but after observing their derelict and ramshackle state, chose a safer option. Once dismounted he unfastened his sword and pistols from the saddle. He then proceeded to prime his pistols, pouring precisely the right amount of powder into each barrel, followed by a metal ball bearing. Fully loaded and primed he placed both pistols into the holsters positioned on his hips, followed by his sword after testing its keenness and edge with a few swipes. There would be no room for carelessness and after many years of experience it was a ritual perfected. Now fully armed, Klaus lead his horse to a post positioned beside the door to the inn in general. Here he fastened the horses reins and after whispering gentle words of comfort into its ear made his way resolutely towards the door of the building.

 He could feel the presence of his enemy, knowing that each step brought him closer and closer to his quarry and thus closer to justice. He drew his pistol as memories of his preys past crimes came to mind. He gripped the stock tighter as he thought of the long restless nights he had spent during the last five years of his life. Nights filled with screams, the endless, unforgiving cries of his foes victims. Howling as their horribly twisted and mutated bodies are burned at the stake, forms writhing in the flames as they cry out the name of the man who brought these terrible mutations upon their poor unfortunate earthly bodies and souls. The name of the man who has haunted Witch Hunter Klaus Richter's every move. Doktor Hans Kerdle. The very thought of that monster's name brought a sickening feeling to his stomach. But this feeling was fought down, for as he came closer to the door a sense of anticipation had taken its place and began to rise within him, giving him strength. Finally, within this derelict rogues haven Doktor Hans Kerdle would meet his end. He would pay for the necessary purification of his victims at the hands of the Witch Finder, for although they had not wished for the abnormalities that had been forced upon their bodies, it was his duty as a Witch Hunter to destroy them. His duty was to purify all traces of corruption and heresy no matter its origin. As it was all devotees of Sigmar, his God and Guardian of the Empire. Such was the price of devotion and as Witch Hunter Klaus Richter pushed open the door and entered its dimly lit, dank and stinking interior he thought of how Doktor Hans Kerdle would pay at the hands of that devotion.


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